El Planeta Amarillo #149 (7-4-2017)

http://www.ivoox.com/planeta-amarillo-149-10-4-2017-audios-mp3_rf_18067162_1.html 01. TERRY – Hot heads («Terry HQ», Upset! The Rhythm, 2016) 02. FREE CAKE FOR EVERY CREATURE – All you gotta be when you’re 23 is yourself («Talking quietly of anything with you», Double Double Whammy, 2016) 03. TANGIBLE … Sigue leyendo

TANGIBLE EXCITEMENT! – “Muddled whine” SINGLE 7” (Freakscene / Emotional Response, 2016)

TANGIBLE EXCITEMENT! son un supergrupo formado por Stewart Anderson (BOYRACER), Mark Monnone (THE LUCKSMITHS, MONNONE ALONE,…) y Scott Stevens (THE EARTHMEN, SUMMER CATS,…), a quiénes se ha unido también Louis Richter (MID-STATE ORANGE, THE LUCKSMITHS,…). En el disco han colaborado … Sigue leyendo