El Planeta Amarillo #222 (12-1-2021)

https://go.ivoox.com/rf/63793405 MARGARITA QUEBRADA – Luces(“Luces” EP 10”, Jabalina, 2020)THE YELLOW MELODIES – The sunshine in your eyes(“Sunshine Pop Ep2” EP, Discos Imprescindibles, 2020)TRIÁNGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO – Fukushima(“Triángulo de Amor Bizarro”, Mushroom Pillow, 2020)PABLO PRISMA Y LAS PIRÁMIDES – Backstreet … Sigue leyendo

Top 2020: Mejores Canciones Internacionales

It’s fine (JETSTREAM PONY)Pill (PEEL DREAM MAGAZINE)Tumbledown weekend (NAH…)Shaking (HAZEL ENGLISH)What kind of people live in these houses? (MORRISSEY)Looking at girls (DEAD FAMOUS PEOPLE)Arduous clarity (RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI)The pleasure (SEAZOO)Lost hearts (THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL)Prism (COLD BEAT)Some advice (GARY OLSON)Do I … Sigue leyendo

Top 2020: Mejores Álbumes Internacionales

01. JETSTREAM PONY – “Jetstream Pony” (Shelflife / Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)02. PEEL DREAM MAGAZINE – “Agitprop alterna” (Slumberland / Tough Love)03. MORRISSEY – “I’m not a dog on a chain” (Étienne – Bmg)04. THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL – “The long now” … Sigue leyendo