Top 2021: Mejores Canciones Internacionales

  1. Mirrorball (THE CATENARY WIRES)
  2. Dark fantasy (TA TOY BOY)
  3. Rock n roll void (SWANSEA SOUND)
  4. Lonely (THE UMBRELLAS)
  5. I hope I never fall in love (THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES)
  6. Evacuate (THE SHOP WINDOW)
  7. World on fire (THE KVB)
  8. For love (MY NAME IS IAN)
  9. Words that stay (TELE NOVELLA)
  10. Radical leisure (CHIME SCHOOL)
  11. Eventually (TAPE WAVES)
  12. All or nothing (GOLDSTONED)
  13. Rosemary Jane (CHRIS FREE)
  14. Wired eyes (alternate mix) (LOVE, BURNS)
  15. Made of woods (MASSAGE)
  16. Silhouettes (THE PROCTORS)
  17. Feel it disappearing (MONNONE ALONE)
  18. It won’t hurt you (TRIPTIDES)
  20. Dual lives (THE LODGER)
  21. Les regards étrangers (FEUTRE)
  22. Seven days (JETSTREAM PONY)
  23. The bruises and the blood (DANIEL WYLIE’S COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS)
  24. You’re nowhere (THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS)
  25. Be a ghost (SHINY TIMES)
  26. Archangel (MEYVERLIN)
  27. I’m more inclined (TEENAGE FANCLUB)
  28. Brighter then (REAL NUMBERS)
  29. Little jumpy T (THE ASHENDEN PAPERS)
  30. Baby, I’m afraid (FORTITUDE VALLEY)
  31. Walk away from Hollywood (SPEARMINT)
  32. We’re all just trying to get by (ROGER TAYLOR)
  33. 18 cigarettes (DUCKS LTD.)
  34. Surounded (MOTORISTS)
  35. Vanden plas (THE GREAT ELECTRIC)
  36. Hideaway (VERANDAN)
  37. Mausoleum of my former self (GRUFF RHYS)
  38. Always the shadows (THE TREASURES OF MEXICO)
  39. Nelson’s camera (THE 1981)
  40. Destiny (THE CHILLS)
  41. Walking in the sun at midnight (NAH…)
  43. Sundays (LAVENDER BLUSH)
  44. Brisbane Radio (STEPHEN’S SHORE)
  46. Black city nights (ALWAYS YOU)
  47. Once good (THE DEATH OF POP)
  48. Shallow end (OPTLOQUAT)
  49. Top room (SLEAFORD MODS)
  50. Well I will (THE POPPERMOST)

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