El Planeta Amarillo #241 (21-12-2021)

  1. EVRIPIDIS AND HIS TRAGEDIES – Christmas in Clifton House
    (“Christmas in Clifton House” Single, Snap! Clap!, 2021)
  2. NEIL BROGAN – I wanted to believe (in Christmas)
    (“Two Christmas songs, 2021” Single, -Autoeditado-, 2021)
  3. THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO – Merry Christmas Everyone
    (“Two Christmases” Single 7”, Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, 2021)
  4. SWANSEA SOUND – Merry Christmas Darlings
    (“Happy Christmas to me – Merry Christmas Darlings” Single 7”, Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, 2021)
  5. MODESTY BLAISE – I’ll Be Home For Xmas
    (“I’ll be home for Xmas” Single, From Lo-Fi to Disco!, 2021)

Album of the Week: VVAA – “A very Cherry Christmas, volume 15” (Cherryade, 2021)

  1. THE YELLOW MELODIES – Llega la Navidad
  2. MARK HANDLEY – Christmas at Poundland
  3. SYNTHETIC VILLAINS – There was snow on his boots
  4. LOVE, BURNS – Christmas and You
    (VVAA – “24”, Where It’s At Is Where You Are, 2021)
  5. THE DANDY WARHOLS – Little Drummer Boy
    (VVAA – “It’s a cool, cool Christmas”, Jeepster, 2000)
  6. HELEN LOVE – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight)
    (VVAA – “A Damaged Christmas gift for you from Damaged Goods”, Damaged Goods, 2021)
    (“Santa’s bat (feat. The Radio Field)” Single, -Autoeditado-, 2021)
  8. THE POPPERMOST – Mr Johnson’s Christmas Party
    (“Christmas with The Poppermost” EP, -Autoeditado-, 2021)
  9. THE REVEREND JONNY KINKAID – Jesus Never Looked So Pale (Acoustic Version)
    (VVAA – “A Shambotic Xmas: Christmas Sucks but certainly is a good excuse to get drunk”, Shambotic, 2021)
  10. YEA-MING & THE RUMOURS – I’ll be home for Christmas
    (VVAA – “Have yourself a Dandy X-Mas” EP, Dandy Boy, 2021)
  11. MARGO GURYAN – I Don’t Intend to Spend Christmas Without You
    (“25 demos” Franklin Castle Recordings, Oglio Records, 2001)

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