Top 2020: Mejores Canciones Internacionales

  1. It’s fine (JETSTREAM PONY)
  3. Tumbledown weekend (NAH…)
  4. Shaking (HAZEL ENGLISH)
  5. What kind of people live in these houses? (MORRISSEY)
  6. Looking at girls (DEAD FAMOUS PEOPLE)
  7. Arduous clarity (RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI)
  8. The pleasure (SEAZOO)
  9. Lost hearts (THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL)
  10. Prism (COLD BEAT)
  11. Some advice (GARY OLSON)
  12. Do I have to do my best all the time? (THE VERY MOST)
  13. Crocuses (SEA PINKS)
  14. Jennie Brown (FORT NOT)
  15. Been in the dark (JEANINES)
  16. You and I (PALE LIGHTS)
  17. Bubble (LAKE)
  18. All thoughts fly (ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF)
  19. Dead in my head (HELEN LOVE)
  20. Le midi (JULIE ET JOE)
  21. Only when I’m dancing (THE YEARNING)
  23. Assassins of youth (THE FLAMING LIPS)
  24. Strings around your head (THE PROPER ORNAMENTS)
  25. Processed by the boys (PROTOMARTYR)
  26. Nothing will change (CELER)
  27. Nocturnal navigation (IAN WELLMAN)
  28. Awakening (TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA)
  29. Saccade (for Éliane Radigue) (LAWRENCE ENGLISH)
  30. Erik (FLOWERS)
  31. Treasure (ADELE & THE CHANDELIERS)
  32. Can’t complain (GIRLATONES)
  33. A daunting thought (EXPLODING FLOWERS)
  34. Happy (THE UMBRELLAS)
  35. How do you do? (MR. BEN & THE BENS)
  36. High-rise mannequin (SEABLITE)
  37. Bad news (HABIBI)
  38. Gate and the ghost (LOVE, BURNS)
  39. Peace now? (DEVON WILLIAMS)
  40. Fork in the road (SMOKESCREENS)
  41. Sun (EVEN AS WE SPEAK)
  42. Come down on Jupiter (THE ORIELLES)
  43. Call me Aspie (THE CLEANERS FROM VENUS)
  44. Hlemmur song (U.S. HIGHBALL)
  45. Holes in everything (THE STROPPIES)
  46. Tales of Flossie Fillet (THE DUPONT CIRCLES)
  47. Personal computing (NEUTRALS)
  48. Televised mind (FONTAINES D.C.)
  49. Obsolte format (ALL ASHORE!)
  50. Stereoakuma (MERZBOW)

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