Top 2019: Mejores Canciones Internacionales

  1. Everlastingly yours (PIROSHKA)
  2. Sister Buddha (BELLE AND SEBASTIAN)
  3. I close my eyes (JETSTREAM PONY)
  4. Winter in the dark (JEANINES)
  5. Meadow Lane Park (LE SUPERHOMARD)
  6. Norma and Norma (THE DIVINE COMEDY)
  7. Dream town (THE CATENARY WIRES)
  8. Put it all on you (MAMMOTH PENGUINS)
  9. The animals (LADYTRON)
  10. Cotton & cane (OLDEN YOLK)
  11. Cut knuckle (MONNONE ALONE)
  12. Heart mountain (SEABLITE)
  13. Underworld (BEING DEAD)
  14. Letters to the girl (THE PROCTORS)
  15. Please release me (THE PROPER ORNAMENTS)
  16. End of the lion (MICK TROUBLE)
  17. It’s all about you (EDWYN COLLINS)
  18. Alone (RICHARD HAWLEY)
  19. You’re either on something (TEMPLES)
  20. Not just you (THE BV’S)
  21. The gravedigger’s dance (MR. BEN & THE BENS)
  22. Let’s never leave here (DEATH AND VANILLA)
  23. Past addresses (THE UNDERSTUDIES)
  24. The girl with the melted mind and her fear of the open mind (COMET GAIN)
  25. Our mother’s house (BUBBLEGUM LEMONADE)
  26. Honey do (A CERTAIN SMILE)
  27. Golden times (PALE LIGHTS)
  28. Future love (RIDE)
  29. Första ryktena om våren (OLOV ANTONSSON)
  30. The girls are chewing gum (PATIENCE)
  31. Chlorine (PENELOPE ISLES)
  32. Cellophane car (THE STROPPIES)
  33. Cosmic shop (FRANKIE COSMOS)
  34. Myriads (ELA ORLEANS)
  35. Decay waves (RAFAEL ANTÓN IRISARRI)
  36. Playing on the stones (ABUL MOGARD)
  37. Demora pt

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  38. 444 (…giving u everything) (ALEJANDRO MORSE)
  39. Agora (FENNESZ)
  41. All that remained Pt. 1 (SIAVASH AMINI)
  42. I can do that (NEUTRALS)
  43. Throw it out the window (THE MONOCHROME SET)
  44. Nein (ANDREAS DORAU)
  45. Passing observations (TULLYCRAFT)
  46. Your book (SAY SUE ME)
  47. Anhedonia (DUCKS UNLIMITED)
  48. Who’d stop the sun (THE NEW MOURNING)
  49. Indian ocean (the end of everything) (MATH AND PHYSICS CLUB)
  50. I’m giving up (WHITE TOWN)
  51. Daisy age (DAYFLOWER)
  52. I will never let you down (WHOA MELODIC)
  54. Something different (BLUES LAWYER)
  55. A million pieces (COZY SLIPPERS)
  56. Always on your side (RED SLEEPING BEAUTY)
  57. It’s over (MORRISSEY)
  58. Sound of a heartbreak (BIS)
  59. Bonving (DEN BARON)
  60. Little one (KIDD)
  61. Last warmth of the day (TOY)
  62. Liberty belle (FONTAINES DC)
  63. Firewall (SLEAFORD MODS)
  64. What happens to people? (DEERHUNTER)
  65. We hate the summer (BLUE JEANS)
  66. Laughing cavalier (CLINIC)
  67. Chasing that feeling (BUSINESS OF DREAMS)
  68. Cry baby (THE BALLET)
  69. Event horizon (AZURE BLUE)
  70. Tethered (VERSING)
  71. Disintegration (WITCHING WAVES)
  72. London (TENNIS CLUB)
  73. Digidigol (GRUFF RHYS)
  75. Fourgan (SHASTA CULTS)
  76. Spectacle of ritual (KALI MALONE)
  77. Troubled air (SUNN O))))
  78. Hawk stones (Forest) (SPACESHIP)
  79. Gassed (BOBBY KRLIC)
  80. Rooms 4-6 (TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA)
  81. Far boundaries (DEAN HURLEY)
  82. Sunfall (MOEBIUS DELTA)
  83. The other side (DRAB MAJESTY)
  84. All for the life of the city (THE FLAMING LIPS)
  85. Ghost writer (ELVA)
  86. Naive castle (WILDHONEY)
  88. Gone for good (SMILES)
  89. Are you still awake? (SLIPSLIDE)
  90. Not too hot (FRESCHARD)
  91. The way to heaven (DOLLY DREAM)
  92. Funeral at Cosmo Square (GALAXY FINGERS)
  93. What do you know about Ray? (JAMES CLARKE FIVE)
  94. Do you wanna join? (SQUIGGLES)
  95. Enemy (FOUNDLINGS)
  96. Shutdown (STARS ON FIRE)
  97. Rescue me (THE FLATMATES)
  99. All eyes bewildered (THE CARETAKER)
  100. Life threatening operation 2 (KEVIN RICHARD MARTIN)

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