El Planeta Amarillo #200 (24-12-2019)

 -THE SCHOOL - Shouldn't be Alone For Christmas
 ("Christmas ep" EP, Elefant, 2019)
-LIA PAMINA E OS PEREGRINOS - It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas (Unas Navidades Tan Frías)
 ("It's gonna be a cold Christmas (Unas Navidades tan frías)" Single, Elefant, 2019)
-LAS KASETTES -  Mamacita, ¿dónde está Santa Claus?
 ("Mamacita, ¿dónde está Santa Claus?" Single, Hurrah!, 2019)
-TRACYANNE & DANNY - Santa, Don't Say No
 (VVAA - "You wish (A Merge Records Holiday Album)", Merge, 2019)
-MIKAL CRONIN - Christmastime heist
 (VVAA - "You wish (A Merge Records Holiday Album)", Merge, 2019) 

 Album of the Week: VVAA - "A very cherry Christmas, Volume 14" (Cherryade, 2019)
 -THE HOLIDAY SCENE - Eight dates a week (Song or Hanukkah)
-LES BICYCLETTES DE BELSIZE - Another Christmas song
 ("Another Christmas song" Single, -Autoeditado-, 2019)
-RANDOLPH´S LEAP - Christmas, burn it all (Featuring the Olive Grove All-Stars)
 ("Christmas, Burn it All (Featuring the Olive Grove All-Stars)" Single, -Autoeditado-, 2019)
-REMINGTON SUPER 60 - A Winter Song
 ("Christmas ep" EP 7", Nordpolen Musikklubb, 2019)

 -EVRIPIDIS AND HIS TRAGEDIES - All I want for Christmas is a synthesizer
 ("All I want for Christmas is a synthesizer" Single, Snap! Clap!, 2019)

 -CARIÑO - X Navidad
 ("X Navidad" Single 7" flexi, Sonido Muchacho, 2019)

 -FRED FREDBURGUER - No Hay Muchos Regalos (Pero A Mí Me Da Igual)
 ("No hay muchos regalos (pero a mí me da igual)" Single, Elefant, 2019)

 -WHITE TOWN - Christmas Eve 2019
 (Inédita, 2019)

 -SWEET BABOO - Don't be Alone (This Christmas)
 ("Dennis" EP, Moshi Moshi, 2016)

 -STARS ON FIRE - Please Come Home for Christmas
 ("Please come home for Christmas / Hurricane Hermione" Single 7", Old Bad Habits, 2019) 

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