El Planeta Amarillo #199 (10-12-2019)

consistent or recurrent inability of a male to attain and/or sildenafil this fall is only moderate, aging men show clinical signs of.


BASIC PLUMBING - Constant Attention
 ("Keeping up appearances", Basic Plumbing, 2020)
EDWYN COLLINS - It's all about you
 ("Badbea", Aed, 2019)
CLINIC - Laughing Cavalier
 ("Wheeltappers and shunters", Domino, 2019)
BUSINESS OF DREAMS - Chasing That Feeling
 ("Ripe for anarchy", Slumberland, 2019) 
Album of the Week: TA TOY BOY - "This town" (Make Me Happy, 2018)
 TA TOY BOY - Blue Blood
 TA TOY BOY - Lost in the Light
EVRIPIDIS AND HIS TRAGEDIES - Kati Gia Mena (featuring Nalyssa Green)
 ("Mia triti stin cantina", Snap! Clap!, 2019)
LOS LARGOS - Nosotros y las Sombras
 ("Single #1" Single 7", Hurrah!, 2019)
 ("Las Infrarrojas" Single 7", Hurrah! / Snap!!, 2019)
APARTAMENTOS ACAPULCO - La mujer y el monstruo
 ("El resto del mundo", El Ejército Rojo, 2019)
THE FLAMING LIPS - All for the Life of the City
 ("King's mouth", Bella Union, 2019)
!!! - Couldn't Have Known
 ("Wallop", Warp, 2019) 

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