El Planeta Amarillo #166 (13-3-2018)


01. GOAT GIRL – Cracker drool
(«Cracker drool» Single 7″, Rough Trade, 2017)

02. PURS – On
(«On» Single, -Autoeditado-, 2017)

Album of the Week: GIRL RAY – «Earl grey» (Moshi Moshi, 2017)
03. GIRL RAY – Where am I now
04. GIRL RAY – Earl Grey (Stuck in a Groove)

05. ANNA BURCH – Tea-Soaked letter
(«Quit the curse», Polyvinyl, 2018)

06. KIDD – If we just believe
(«Twinkle and the big whoosh!!!», -Autoeditado-, 2017)


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. PAPAYA – ¡Ay, mujer!
(«¡Ay, mujer!» Ep 7″, Jabalina, 2017)

08. ELF POWER – Cycling aimlessly
(«Twitching in time», Orange Twin, 2017)

09. MICK TROUBLE – Second offence
(«It’s the Mick Trouble ep» EP 7″, Emotional Response, 2017)

10. BOYS FOREVER – Voice in my head
(«Boys forever», Amour Foo, 2016)

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