El Planeta Amarillo #148 (28-3-2017)


01. WHEN NALDA BECAME PUNK – Hanging out with Imogen
(«Those words broke our hearts», Shelflife / Discos de Kirlian, 2017)

02. COLA JET SET – Escríbeme a mí
(«Lo mejor está por llegar» Single Digital, Elefant, 2016)

03. EVRIPIDIS AND HIS TRAGEDIES – Ghost town (I poli phantasma)
(«Futile games in space and time», Snap! Clap / Canadá / Jigsaw / Inner Ear, 2016)

Album of the Week: VANISHING TWIN – «Choose your own adventure» (Soundway, 2016)
04. VANISHING TWIN – Telescope
05. VANISHING TWIN – The conservation of energy


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. GULP – Search for your love
(«Search for your love» Single 7″, O Genesis, 2017)

07. TENDER PREY – Bury me in the temple
(«Falling off chairs», Tequila Worm Records, 2017)

08. SPINNING COIN – Raining on hope street
(«Raining on Hope Street» Single 7″, Geographic, 2017)

09. REAL NUMBERS – This happy sadness
(«Wordless wonder», Slumberland, 2016)

10. THE YELLOW MELODIES – A silent place
(«In compilations 1997-2016» USB, Discos Imprescindibles, 2017)

11. BIGOTT – She’s gone
(«My friends are dead», Grabaciones en el Mar, 2016)

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