Top 2015: Mejores Álbumes Internacionales

01. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – “Girls in peacetime want to dance” (Matador)
BS-PeacetimeCD-L02. SIMON LOVE – “It seemed like a good idea at the time” (Fortuna Pop!)

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. THE FIREWORKS – “Switch me on” (Shelflife)
FireworksCD-L04. SUMMER FICTION – “Himalaya” (-Autoeditado-)
SummerFictionCD05. JACCO GARDNER – “Hypnophobia” (Polyvinyl)
JaccoGardner-HypnophobiaCD-L06. THE SCHOOL – “Wasting away and wondering” (Elefant)
School-WonderingLP-web07. THE MONOCHROME SET – “Spaces everywhere” (Tapete)
MonochromeSet-SpacesLP-web08. CHORUSGIRL – “Chorusgirl” (Fortuna Pop!)
ChorusgirlCD09. THE CATENARY WIRES – “Red red skies” (Elefant)
CatenaryWires-RedCD-L10. RAFAEL ANTÓN IRISARRI – “A fragile geography” LP (Room40)
RafaelAntonIrisarriLP-web11. THE TAMBORINES – “Sea of murmur” (Beat Mo)
Tamborines-SeaCD12. LA LUZ – “Weirdo shrine” (Hardly Art)
LaLuzCD-L13. RALEGH LONG – “Hoverance” (Gare du Nord)
RaleghLongCD14. ULTIMATE PAINTING – “Green lanes” (Trouble In Mind)
UltimatePainting-GreenCD-L15. RODNEY CROMWELL – “Age of anxiety” (Happy Robots)
RodneyCromwellCD-L16. POSTAL BLUE – “Of love & other affections” (Jigsaw)
PostalBlueCD-L17. THE ROPES – “Do we get a soundcheck? No? Good” (Discos de Kirlian)
RopesCD-L18. CRAYON FIELDS – “No one deserves you” (Chapter)
CrayonFieldsCD-web19. MIKAL CRONIN – “MCIII” (Merge)
MikalCronin-McIII-CD-L20. KRENG – “The summoner” (Miasmah)
21. HELEN – “The original faces” (Kranky)
HelenCD-L22. THOMAS BRINKMANN – “What you hear (is what you hear)” (Editions Mego)
ThomasBrinkmannCD-L23. NORMAN WESTBERG – “13” (Room40)
NormanWestbergLP-web24. NEW ORDER – “Music complete” (Mute)

25. TWERPS – “Range anxiety” (Merge)
Twerps-RangeCD-L26. BRIDESHEAD – “Never grow up” (Shelflife / Dufflecoat)

BridesheadCD-L27. A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS – “Transfixiation” (Dead Oceans)

APTBS-TransfixiationCD-L28. KNIFE PLEATS – “Hat bark beach” (Jigsaw / Where It’s At Is Where You Are)
KnifePleatsCD-L29. ECHO LAKE – “Era” (No Pain In Pop)
EchoLakeCD30. THE HERMIT CRABS – “In my flat” (Matinée)
HermitCrabsLP31. THE DEATH OF POP – “Runts” (Discos de Kirlian)
DeathOfPopCD-L32. THE MANTLES – “All odds end” (Slumberland)
MantlesCD-L33. AMERICAN CULTURE – “Pure american gum” (Jigsaw)
AmericanCultureCD34. CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA – “Moon light reflecting over mountains” (Room40)
35. ALEX CALDER – “Strange dreams” (Captured Tracks)
AlexCalder-StrangeCD36. LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR – “Fragments of a former moon” (Elefant)
LightningTwilightHourCD-L37. TIGERCATS – “Mysteries” (Fortuna Pop!)
Tigercats-MysteriesLP-web38. THE MANHATTAN LOVE SUICIDES – “More heat! More panic!” (Odd Box / Squirrel)
ManhattanLS-LP-web39. GIRLS NAMES – “Arms around a vision” (Tough Love)
GirlsNamesCD-L40. FEVER DREAM – “Moyamoya” (Club Ac30)
FeverDream-MoyamoyaLP-web41. MICHAEL KNIGHT – “Physics is out to get me” (Jigsaw)
MichaelKnightCD42. NO JOY – “More faithful” (Mexican Summer)
NoJoyCD-L43. MAMMOTH PENGUINS – “Hide and seek” (Fortuna Pop!)
MammothPenguinsCD44. PROTOMARTYR – “The agent intellect” (Hardly Art)
ProtomartyrCD-L45. SLEAFORD MODS – “Key markets” (Harbinger Sound)
SleafordMods-KeyCD-L46. RICHARD HAWLEY – “Hollow meadows” (Parlophone)
RichardHawleyCD47. THE CHILLS – “Silver bullets” (Fire)
ChillsCD-L48. AZURE BLUE – “Beneath the hill I smell the sea” (Fika / Hybris)
AzureBlue-BeneathLP-web49. TRAMBEAT – “Tales from the comprehensives” (Firestation / Sundae Soul)
Trambeat-TalesLP-web50. SUNN O))) – “Kannon” (Southern Lord)


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