Top 2013: Mejores Canciones Internacionales

01. Clear the air (JACCO GARDNER)

02. San Francisco (FOXYGEN)

03. Perfect world (THE PROCTORS)


05. Waiting for something to happen (VERONICA FALLS)

06. An exploded view (SEA PINKS)
07. The road I know (featuring Julia Vero) (AZURE BLUE)
08. Redecorate (I WAS A KING)
09. As long as I have you (ALPACA SPORTS)
10. This is the new normal (BUBBLEGUM LEMONADE)
11. The new life (GIRL NAMES)
12. When you lie (FLOWERS)
13. The westerly whip (MONNONE ALONE)
14. Forever yesterday (EARTH MK. II)

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. Your hateful armchair (THE MAGIC THEATRE)
16. You don’t have to be unhappy (ONWARD CHARIOTS)
17. Just a pup (THE VERY MOST)
18. A cure for shyness (THE UNDERSTUDIES)
19. Evil / shy (THE MINI SKIPS)
20. Murder kill baby (OBEDIENT WIVES CLUB)
21. Everybody knows (I’m still in love with you) (THE YEARNING)
22. Really no wonder (SILVER SCREEN)
23. Higher and higher (THE FIREWORKS)
24. You make it sound so easy (THE SPOOK SCHOOL)
25. Everybody knows (WOODEN SHJIPS)
26. The trail of tears (WILLIAM BASINSKI)
27. Anti-parent cowboy killers (JOANNA GRUESOME)
28. Hit me (SUEDE)
29. Think of me (TOMORROW’S WORLD)
30. Lost in light rotation (TULLYCRAFT)
31. Taurean (KEVIN DRUMM)
32. Warm (ELUVIUM)
33. Another game on Saturday (THE SWAPSIES)
34. 2013 (PRIMAL SCREAM)
35. You’re golden (THE POLYPHONIC SPREE)
36. Slowed I (PIETER NOOTEN)
37. A baby got back in its feet (THE HOUSE OF LOVE)
38. Check my heart (THE PASTELS)
39. Let it go by (PETE GREEN)
41. Heavy metal clouds (CROCODILES)
42. The most beautiful boy (THE CHOO CHOO TRAINS)
43. All I wanna do (SPLASHH)
44. Things I know (FRANNY AND ZOOEY)
45. The morse code for love is beep beep, beep beep, the binary code is one one (SWEET BABOO)
46. Ordinary girls (ENGLISH SINGLES)
47. Hey sailor boy! (COSINES)
48. End of the day (WEEK OF WONDERS)
49. I wonder what she’s doing now (THE KENSINGTONS)
50. Washington weather (BEACH VACATION)
51. Location (ALEX CALDER)
52. Angry young man (THE SHORT STORIES)
53. Where are we now (DAVID BOWIE)
54. Waking dream (BLEEDING RAINBOW)
55. Suzanne (BANANA AND LOUIE)
56. Turn you (THE BALLET)
57. The bitter part (ALLY KERR)
58. Beach day (BEACH DAY)
59. Jean’s waving (AMOR DE DÍAS)
60. Are you on fire? (AMIDA)
61. Only tomorrow (MY BLOODY VALENTINE)
62. Atomic (HELEN LOVE)
63. Living, loving, partygoing (FUTURE BIBLE HEROES)
64. Break it to you gently (CAMERA OBSCURA)
66. GW Bridge (BIG WAVE)
67. Birth (ROLY PORTER)
68. Sticks and stones (CRYSTAL STILTS)
69. Blood echo (BARN OWL)
70. Planet phrom (DUCKTAILS)

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