El Planeta Amarillo #106 (1-7-2013)


01. CATNAPS – Delicious
(«Forget about it» EP digital, -Autoeditado-, 2013)

02. THE SHORT STORIES – Angry young man
(«Send My Love to Everyone», Breaking Down Recordings, 2013)

03. THE VERY MOST – Just a pup
(«Just a Pup» 7″, Manic Pop! Records, 2013)

Disco de la semana: A LITTLE ORCHESTRA – «Clocks» (Vollwert Records, 2013)
04. A LITTLE ORCHESTRA – Josefina (with Model Village)
05. A LITTLE ORCHESTRA – Footprints in the snow (with Emma Winston)

06. THE MAGIC THEATRE – I got the answer
(«I got the answer» Single 7″, Elefant Records, 2013)

07. THE SOULBOY COLLECTIVE – I’m not in love but I could be
(«Clique Tragedy», Firestation Records, 2011)

08. HELEN LOVE – Debbie loves Joey
(«It’s my club and i’ll play what I want to», Elefant, 2008)

09. THE YELLOW MELODIES – Sheena is a punk rocker
(«Fan #1», Discos Imprescindibles, 2013)

10. TALKING HEADS – And she was
(«Little creatures», Sire, 1985)

11. THE HOUSE OF LOVE – I don’t know why I love you
(«The house of love», Fontana, 1990)

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