El Planeta Amarillo #100 (13-5-2013)



01. MINIBAR – Quiero volver
(«Es un grupo maquetero» Demo, 2013)


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. THE YELLOW MELODIES – Legata a un granello di sabbia
(«Fan #1», Discos Imprescindibles, 2013)

03. BMX BANDITS – All around the world
(«All around the world» Single Digital, Elefant, 2013)

Disco de la semana:
JACCO GARDNER – «Cabinet of curiosities» (Trouble in Mind, 2013)
04. JACCO GARDNER – Clean the air
05. JACCO GARDNER – The Ballad of little Jane

06. MONNONE ALONE – Echoing days
(«Together at last», Lost And Lonesome, 2013)

07. BIG WAVE – GW bridge
(«Goldmine» Cassette, Art Is Hard Records, 2013)

08. PUPS – Rooms on fire
(«Pups/Movieland» SPLIT cassette, Green Burrito Records, 2013)

09. THEE AHS – Someone else
(«Future without her», -Autoeditado-, 2013)

10. BIS – Eurodisco
(«Social Dancing», Wiiija, 1999)

11. MELODY’S ECHO CHAMBER – I will follow
(«Melody’s Echo Chamber», Weird World/Domino, 2012)

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