El Planeta Amarillo #088 (17-12-2012)


01. THE GARLANDS – Christmas song
(«Christmas song» Single Digital, -Autoeditado-, 2008)

02. COLA JET SET – Quan ve Nadal
(Inédita, 2012)

Disco de la semana:

VVAA – «A Christmas gift for you from Elefant Records» (Elefant, 2012)
03. GUILLE MILKYWAY AND THE JELLY JAM SOUND ORCHESTRA – Holding hands around the world
04. BMX BANDITS – Let´s Make Christmas Love

05. THE SCHOOL – Kiss you in the snow
(VVAA – «Yo, también (B.S.O.)», Elefant, 2009)

06. TENDER TRAP -Leaving christmas day
(«Ten songs about girls», Fortuna Pop! / Slumberland, 2012)

07. THE VERY MOST – Wombling Merry Christmas
(«Snow Covered» EP, Village Ten Collective, 2011)

08. EUX AUTRES – Another Christmas At Home
(«Another Christmas at home» Single 7″, Bons Mots, 2010)


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. BUBBLEGUM LEMONADE – White noise Christmas
(«The Matinee Holiday Soiree» EP, Matinée, 2010)

10. BRIGHTER – Christmas
(«Laurel», Sarah, 1991)

11. TCR – Salva mi navidad
(«Tcr» Subterfuge, 1999, Subterfuge)

12. ASTRUD – Son los padres
(«Tú no existes», Sinnamon, 2007)

13. PARADE – El visitante
(«Cuentos de navidad», Jabalina, 2006)

14. THE YELLOW MELODIES – Christmas time
(VVAA – «Christmas special», Series Two, 2009)

15. CINEPLEXX & ALLY KERR – The Christmas Family Tree
(«The Christmas Family Tree», Single Digital, Much Obliged, 2010)

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