El Planeta Amarillo #072 (14-5-2012)



01. LOS BONSÁIS – Ultramarinos
(«Ultramarinos» EP 7”, Elefant, 2012)

02. PAPA TOPO – Acomodador
(«Rotación y traslación», Mini LP 10″, Elefant, 2012)

Disco de la semana:
VACACIONES – All the Elefant recordings, 1998-2003 plus demos and live tracks (Waterslide, 2012)
03. VACACIONES – Cool groupie boy
04. VACACIONES – Un mundo inventado


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. LOVE DANCE – Bergen, again
(«Best of…» EP, -Autoeditado-, 2012)

06. PALE MAN MADE – In Your Bed
(«In your bed» SINGLE, Odd Box Recordings, 2012)

07. SIMON LOVE’S COCK AND BALLS – Motherfuckers
(«It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time», Oddbox Recordings, 2012)

08. THE GYTTERS – Chasing the vapors
(«Chasing the vapors», -Autoeditado-, 2012)

09. GRASS WIDOW – Goldilocks Zone
(«Internal Logic» HLR Records, 2012)

10. THE DOVERS – What am I going to do
(«She’s Gone / What Am I Going To Do?» SINGLE, Miramar, 1965)

11. EVRIPIDIS AND HIS TRAGEDIES – You’ll have to learn
(«A healthy dose of pain», Inner Ear / Snap! Clap!, 2011)

12. THE YELLOW MELODIES – Where the rainbow ends
(«How Television Personalities learned to love» EP, Beautiful Music, 2012)

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