El Planeta Amarillo #056 (26-12-2011)


01. GO SAILOR – Together forever in love
(“Go sailor” LP, Slumberland, 2011)

02. RED SHOE DIARIES – Fossil fuels
(“When I find my heart” CD-SINGLE, Fika, 2011)

Disco de la semana:

MY LITTLE AIRPORT – “Hong Kong is one big shopping mall” (Harbour Records, 2011)

03. MY LITTLE AIRPORT – Tom Lee Ah Yin
04. MY LITTLE AIRPORT – Terence concern

05. KARIBEAN – Gregorian spring
(“Karibean” EP, Eardrumspop, 2011)

06. THE SPOOK SCHOOL  – Are you who you think you are?
(“Are you who you think you are?” EP, Demo, 2011)

07. MOUSTACHE OF INSANITY – Dinner party
(“Album of death”, Pull Yourself Together / Fika, 2011)


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. PETULA CLARK – Downtown
(“Downtown” EP, Pye Records, 1965)

09. LOS LAGOS DE HINAULT – Correo del Zar
(“Vidas ejemplares” EP, Fikasound, 2011)

10. THE STARLETS – Running our of Saturday
(“Out into the days from here”, Stereotone, 2009)

11. TREMBLING BLUE STARS – The light outside
(“Correspondence ep” EP 10″, Elefant, 2011)

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