El Planeta Amarillo #055 (19-12-2011)


01. THE YELLOW MELODIES – Christmas time
(“Christmas special”, Series Two, 2009)

02. COLA JET SET – Candy
(“Lesson One: Listen & Repeat”, Single 7″, Elefant Records, 2011)

03. LINDA GUILALA – Cientos de ovnis
(“Paranormal EP”, Single 7″, Elefant Records, 2011)

Disco de la semana: TINY MICROPHONE – Home (Happy Prince, 2011)

04. TINY MICROPHONE – We don’t live here anymore
05. TINY MICROPHONE – Inside your heart

(“Swimming elephants”, Sea Indie, 2011)

07. THE ORCHIDS – I just don’t care
(“The way that you move” EP, Pebble Records, 2011)

08. THE KENSINGTONS – Campervan
(“Racing cars in vivary park” CD-EP, Dufflecoat Records, 2011)

09. PALPITATION – New Mexico
(“I’m absent, you are far away” Luxxury Records, 2011)

10. LOS BRAVOS – Black is Black
(“Black Is Black” EP, Decca Records, 1966)

11. DUM DUM GIRLS – Always looking
(“Only in dreams”, Sub Pop, 2011)

12. RINGO DEATHSTARR – Two girls
(“Colour Trip”, Club AC30, 2011)


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. STORMCLOUDS – Cosmic Christmas
(“Not of this earth”, Elefant, 1997)

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