Top 2011: Mejores Conciertos Nacionales

01. LÜGER (Festival Microsonidos

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. 12&Medio. Murcia. 1-4-11)

02. PAPÁ TOPO (Festival Lemon Pop. Murcia. 3-9-11)

03. ZA! (12&Medio. Murcia. 11-6-11)

04. KLAUS & KINSKI (Festival Faraday. Vilanova i la Geltrú -Barcelona-. 1-7-11)
GIGnac04-kk05. AIAS (Festival Faraday. Vilanova i la Geltrú -Barcelona-. 1-7-11)
GIGnac05-aias06. LOS GINKAS (Festival de Benicássim. 16-7-11)
GIGnac06-ginkas07. NADADORA (Festival de Benicássim. 16-7-11)
GIGnac07-nadadora08. SCHWARZ (Festival Microsonidos. 12&Medio. Murcia. 12-2-11)
GIGnac08-schwarz09. EDREDÓN (Festival Microsonidos. 12&Medio. Murcia. 29-1-11)
GIGnac09-edredon10. OH, LIBIA! (Festival Microsonidos. 12&Medio. Murcia. 25-3-11)


Top 2011: Mejores Conciertos Internacionales

01. PAPAS FRITAS (Festival Primavera Sound. Barcelona. 28-5-11)

02. VERONICA FALLS (Festival de Benicássim. 17-7-11)

03. ANIKA (Festival de Benicássim. 17-7-11)

04. EDWYN COLLINS (Festival Indietracks. Ripley -UK-. 30-7-11)
GIGint04-edwyncollins05. PULP (Festival Primavera Sound. Barcelona. 27-5-11)
GIGint05-pulp06. DIGNAN PORCH (Festival Indietracks. Ripley -UK-. 30-7-11)
GIGint06-dignanporch07. POCKETBOOKS (Festival Indietracks. Ripley -UK-. 29-7-11)
GIGint07-pocketbooks08. JONNY (Festival Indietracks. Ripley -UK-. 29-7-11)
GIGint08-jonny09. A FINE DAY FOR SAILING (Festival Indietracks. Ripley -UK-. 31-7-11)
GIGint09-afinedayfs10. SECRET CITIES (Festival Microsonidos. 12&Medio. Murcia. 4-5-11)


El Planeta Amarillo #056 (26-12-2011)


01. GO SAILOR – Together forever in love
(“Go sailor” LP, Slumberland, 2011)

02. RED SHOE DIARIES – Fossil fuels
(“When I find my heart” CD-SINGLE, Fika, 2011)

Disco de la semana:

MY LITTLE AIRPORT – “Hong Kong is one big shopping mall” (Harbour Records, 2011)

03. MY LITTLE AIRPORT – Tom Lee Ah Yin
04. MY LITTLE AIRPORT – Terence concern

05. KARIBEAN – Gregorian spring
(“Karibean” EP, Eardrumspop, 2011)

06. THE SPOOK SCHOOL  – Are you who you think you are?
(“Are you who you think you are?” EP, Demo, 2011)

07. MOUSTACHE OF INSANITY – Dinner party
(“Album of death”, Pull Yourself Together / Fika, 2011)


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. PETULA CLARK – Downtown
(“Downtown” EP, Pye Records, 1965)

09. LOS LAGOS DE HINAULT – Correo del Zar
(“Vidas ejemplares” EP, Fikasound, 2011)

10. THE STARLETS – Running our of Saturday
(“Out into the days from here”, Stereotone, 2009)

11. TREMBLING BLUE STARS – The light outside
(“Correspondence ep” EP 10″, Elefant, 2011)

Top 2011: Mejores Canciones Nacionales

01. Before it’s over (EVRIPIDIS AND HIS TRAGEDIES)

VIDEOCLIP – «Before it’s Over» de Evripidis and his Tragedies from ITES Imatge i So on Vimeo.

02. La ciudad ardiendo (REINA REPUBLICANA)


04. La niña más hermosa (LA CASA AZUL)
05. Mi universo (COOPER)
06. Trick or truth (LIMOUSINE)
07. Arruino todo lo que encuentro (ANNTONA)
08. Brian on piano (ROGER SINCERO)
09. No es terrestre (LA BIEN QUERIDA)
10. Tráiler (AIRBAG)

Top 2011: Mejores Canciones Internacionales

01. Candyfloss (JONNY)

02. The catcher in the rye (AZURE BLUE)

03. Under water (ACID HOUSE KINGS)

04. Till I die (WHITE TOWN)
05. Ballad of the bedsit (A FINE DAY FOR SAILING)

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. Sound of the carnival (POCKETBOOKS)
07. Good ideas (BRAVE IRENE)
08. I sat on the edge of my bed and I sang you Velvet Underground songs (CATNAPS)
09. Perfect life (BELONG)
10. Monday moon (BROWN RECLUSE)
11. Honey all over (GRUFF RHYS)
12. No longer distance than death (LEYLAND KIRBY)
13. Right side of my brain (VERONICA FALLS)
14. Sweet tooth (KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE)
15. When you were doing cocaine (EAST RIVER PIPE)
16. Ready to go steady (THE GO! TEAM)
17. Go ahead (BANJO OR FREAKOUT)
18. Capital of Norway (MY LITTLE PONY)
20. Light on the narrow gauge (THE LADYBUG TRANSISTOR)
21. Heart stab (CHAMPAGNE RIOT)
22. Libet’s delay (THE CARETAKER)
23. The beat goes on (BEADY EYE)
24. From the morning heat (CRAFT SPELLS)
25. House of flint (AMOR DE DÍAS)
26. Do you really wanna know (PAPERCUTS)
27. Funeral song (MINKS)
28. I wanna do it (SONNY AND THE SUNSETS)
29. Pebbles (SECRET CITIES)
30. Tell me something I don’t know (HERMAN DÜNE)
31. Hazel (WEEKEND)
32. Indian Hill (THE TAMBORINES)
33. Firestarter (BLOUSE)
34. Heaven’s gonna happen now (THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART)
35. She has a way (DREAM DIARY)
36. Not today (WHITE WISHES)
37. Farewell (SODA SHOP)
38. By the river’s edge (JEREMY JAY)
39. Girls tell you secrets (VERY TRULY YOURS)
40. The boy who talks about someone (SLOPPY JOE)