El Planeta Amarillo #043 (4-7-2011)


01. THE YELLOW MELODIES – No more parties (acoustic demo)
(“No more parties” SINGLE, Discos Imprescindibles, 2011)

02. THE BLUETONES – Firefly
(“A new Athens”, Cia, 2010)

03. THE BALLET – Chinatown
(“Bear life”, Tenure Tracks, 2010)

04. SLOPPY JOE. Sometimes
(“With four kisses”, White Lily Records, 2011)

Disco de la semana:
FRISKA VILJOR – The beginning of the beginning of the end (Haldern, 2011)

05. FRISKA VILJOR – Larionov

07. PAPA TOPO – Lo que me gusta del verano es poder tomar helado
(“Oso panda” SINGLE 7″, Elefant, 2010)

08. VIOLENS – The dawn of your happiness is rising
(“Amoral”, Static Recital, 2010)

09. CRYSTAL STILTS – Shake the shackles
(“In love with oblivion”, Slumberland, 2011)

10. MÓDULOS – Nada me importa
(“Realidad”, Hispavox, 1970)


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. THE CAVALCADE – No strength
(“Many moons”, Pebble Records, 2010)

12. THE HIDDEN CAMERAS – Colour of a man
(“Origin: Orphan”, Arts and Crafts, 2009)

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