El Planeta Amarillo #034 (18-4-2011)


01. FABIENNE DELSOL – Take your seat
(“On my mind”, Damaged Goods Records, 2010)

02. ETERNAL SUMMERS – World’s away
(“Silver”, Kanine, 2010)

03. SOURPATCH – It’s so strange
(“Crushin’”, Happy Happy Birthday To Me, 2010)

04. THE ANDERSEN TAPES – Clap clap clap
(“As I write “today” ten times”, Fraction Discs, 2011)

05. BRAVE IRENE – Good ideas
(“Brave Irene”, Slumberland, 2011)

06. BROWN RECLUSE – Monday moon
(“Evening tapestry”, Slumberland, 2011)

Disco de la semana: BANJO OR FREAKOUT – “Banjo or freakout”, Rare Book Room, 2011)


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08. BANJO OR FREAKOUT – Idiot rain

09. SUEDE – She’s not dead
(“Suede”, Nude, 1993)

10. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Write about love
(“Belle and Sebastian write about love”, Rough Trade, 2010)

11. THE CHIFFONS – One fine day
(“One fine day ep” EP, Laurie Records, 1963)

12. LYKKE LI – Youth knows no pain
(“Wounded rhymes”, LL, 2011)

13. WAVEFIELD – Automatic electronic machines
(VVAA – “Rock Back for Japan Vol. 3″ (Patetico Recordings, 2011)

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