El Planeta Amarillo #029 (14-3-2011)


01. THE YELLOW MELODIES – No more parties
(“New Identities”, Discos Imprescindibles, 2010)

02. ALLO DARLIN’ – Dreaming
(“Allo Darlin’”, Fortuna Pop!, 2010)

03. THE CHARLATANS – The only one I know
( “Some friendly”, Dead Dead Good Records, 1990)

(“Fiesta”, Elefant Records, 2011)

05. TWIN SISTER – Ladydream
(“Vampires with dreaming kids/Color your life”, Domino, 2010)


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. SODA FOUNTAIN RAG – Dogwalkin’ summer
(“Reel around me”, Yes Boy Ice Cream Records, 2010)

07. WHEN I WAS 12 –  S is for subway
(“Dear Eskimo”, When I Was 12, 2009)

08. THE SCHOOL – Hoping and praying
(“Hoping and praying” CD-SINGLE, Elefant Records, 2011)

09. DAVID BOWIE – Ashes to ashes
(“Scary monsters”, RCA, 1980)

10. HOLA A TODO EL MUNDO – Making your mum your best friend
(“Hola a todo el mundo”, Hatem, 2010)

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