Top 2010: Mejores Canciones Internacionales

01. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – “Write about love” (Rough Trade)
CDint01-BelleSebCD-L02. ANIKA – “Anika” (Invada)
CDint02-AnikaCD03. A FINE DAY FOR SAILING – “My baby loves pop music” (Pop Noise)
CDint03-AFineDayfs-MyBabyCD-L04. THE SCHOOL – “Loveless unbeliever” (Elefant)
CDint04-SchoolCD-L05. THE TAMBORINES – “Camera & tremor” (Beat-Mo)
CDint05-TamborinesCD06. THE DIVINE COMEDY – “Bang goes the knighthood” (Divine Comedy)
CDint06-DivineComedyCD07. THE CLIENTELE – “Minotaur” (Pointy)
CDint07-Clientele-MinotaurMCD-L08. WEEKEND – “Sports” (Slumberland)
CDint08-WeekendCD-L09. THE FELT TIPS – “Living and growing” (Plastilina)
CDint09-FeltTipsCD-L10. LE FUTUR POMPISTE – “Le futur pompiste” (Shelflife)
CDint10-LeFuturPompisteCD-L11. LUCKY SOUL – “A coming of age” (Elefant)
CDint11-LuckSoulCD-L12. THE SECRET HISTORY – “The world that never was” (Le Grand Magistery)
CDint12-SecretHistoryCD13. TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – “A memory is better than nothing” (Rocket Girl)
CDint13-TVP-MemoryCD14. THE SOFT MOON – “The soft moon” (Captured Tracks)
CDint14-SoftMoonCD-L15. BUBBLEGUM LEMONADE – “Sophomore release” (Matinée)
CDint15-BubblegumLemCD-L16. THE CAVALCADE – “Many moons” (The Cavalcade)
CDint16-CavalcadeCD-L17. PHILIP JECK – “An ark for the listener” (Touch)
CDint17-PhilipJeck-ArkCD18. INDIGNANT SENILITY – “Plays Wagner” (Type)
CDint18-IndignantSenilityCD19. BEACH FOSSILS – “Beach fossils” (Captured Tracks)
CDint19-BeachFossilsCD-L20. DIGNAN PORCH – “Tendrils” (Captured Tracks)
CDint20-DignanPorchCD21. BEST COAST – “Crazy for you” (Wichita)

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. VERY TRULY YOURS – “Things you used to say” (Skywriting)
CDint22-VeryTrulyYoursCD-L23. FRANKIE ROSE AND THE OUTS – “Frankie Rose and the Outs” (Slumberland)
CDint23-FrankieRoseCD-L24. THE FRESH & ONLYS – “Play it strange” (In The Red)
CDint24-FreshOnlysCD25. TENDER TRAP – “Dansette dansette” (Fortuna Pop!)
CDint25-TenderTrapCD-L26. FABIENNE DELSOL – “On my mind” (Damaged Goods)
CDint26-FabienneDelsolCD-L27. VELVET DAVENPORT – “Warmy girls” (Moon Glyph)
jp000128. BETTY AND THE WEREWOLVES – “Teatime favourites” (Damaged Goods)
CDint28-BettyWerewolvesCD-L29. PROCEDURE CLUB – “Doomed forever” (Slumberland)
CDint29-ProcedureClubCD-L30. THE VERY MOST – “A year with” (Indiecater)


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