Top 2009: Mejores Álbumes Internacionales

01. THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART – “The pains of being pure at heart” (Fortuna Pop! / Slumberland)
CDint01-PainsCD-L02. NORTHERN PORTRAIT – “Criminal art lovers” (Matinée)
CDint02-NorthernPortraitCD-L03. NICK GARRIE – “49 Arlington Gardens” (Elefant)

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. CATS ON FIRE – “Our temperance movement” (Johanna Kustannus / Matinée)
CDint04-CatsFire-TemperanceCD-L05. CAMERA OBSCURA – “My maudlin career” (4AD)
CDint05-CameraObscuraCD-L06. GOD HELP THE GIRL – “God help the girl” (Rough Trade)
CDint06-GodHelpTheGirlCD07. THE DUCKWORTH LEWIS METHOD – “The Duckworth Lewis method” (1969)
CDint07-DuckworthlmCD-L08. LEYLAND KIRBY – “Sadly, the future is no longer what it was” (History Always Favours The Winners)
CDint08-LeylandK-Sadly3CD-L09. POCKETBOOKS – “Flight paths” (How Does It Feel To Be Loved?)
CDint09-PocketbooksCD10. MUSIC GO MUSIC – “Expressions” (Secretly Canadian)
CDint10-MusicGoMusicCD-L11. MORRISSEY – “Years of refusal” (Polydor)
CDint11-Morrissey-YearsCD12. CRAYON FIELDS – “All the pleasures of the world” (Chapter Music)
CDint12-CrayonFieldsCD13. LIECHTENSTEIN – “Survival strategies in a modern world” (Slumberland)
CDint13-LiechtensteinCD-L14. LUKE HAINES – “21st Century Man / Achtung Mutha” (Fantastic Plastic)
CDint14-LukeHaines-21stCD15. THE LEGENDS – “Over and over” (Labrador)
CDint15-Legends-OverCD16. ALVA NOTO – “Xerrox, vol. 2” (Raster-Noton)
CDint16-AlvaNoto-Xerrox2-D-LL17. THE LEISURE SOCIETY – “The sleeper” (Full Time Hobby)
CDint17-LeisureSocietyCD-L18. FANFARLO – “Reservoir” (Atlantic)
CDint18-Fanfarlo-ReservoirCD-L19. SUNN O))) – “Monoliths & dimensions” (Southern Lord)
CDint19-SunnoCD20. WAKE THE PRESIDENT – “You can’t change that boy” (Electric Honey)


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