Top 2008: Mejores Álbumes Internacionales

01. THE LODGER – “Life is sweet” (Bad Sneakers)
CDint01-Lodger-LifeSweetCD02. SPEEDMARKET AVENUE – “Way better now” (Elefant)
CDint02-Speedmarket-WayCD-L03. ALLY KERR – “Off the radar” (Much Obliged)
CDint03-AllyKerr-OffTheRadarCD04. THE AFTERNOONS – “Sweet action” (Saturday)
CDint04-Afternoons-SweetCD05. COCOANUT GROOVE – “Madeleine Street” (Fridlyst)
CDint05-CocoanutGrooveLP06. THE EXPLORERS CLUB – “Freedom wind” (Dead Oceans)
CDint06-ExplorersClubCD07. THE CARETAKER – “Persistent repetition of phrases” (V/Vm Test)
CDint07-Caretaker-PersistentCD-L08. BUBBLEGUM LEMONADE – “Doubleplusgood” (Matinée)
CDint08-BubblegumLem2008CD-L09. SECRET SHINE – “All of the stars” (Clairecords)
CDint09-SecretShineCD10. WOULD-BE-GOODS – “Eventyr” (Matinée)
CDint10-WouldBeGoods-EventyrCD-L11. THE MUMMERS – “Tale to tell” (Big Bass Drum)
CDint11-MummersCD12. THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS – “The age of the understatement” (Domino)
CDint12-LastShadowPuppetsCD-L13. THE MAGNETIC FIELDS – “Distortion” (Nonesuch)
CDint13-MagneticF-DistortionCD-L14. LADYTRON – “Velocifero” (Nettwerk)
CDint14-Ladytron-VelociferoCD15. NANA APRIL JUN – “The ontology of noise” (Touch)


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