Top 2005: Mejores Álbumes Internacionales

1. KAISER CHIEFS – Employment CD (B-Unique)
CDint01-Kaiser2. THE TEARS – Here come the tears CD (Independiente / V2)
CDint02-Tears3. THE AFTERNOONS – Rocket summer CD (Saturday)
CDint03-Afternoons4. THE LUCKSMITHS – Warmer corners CD (Fortuna Pop!)

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. THE CHALETS – Check in CD (Setanta / Sinnamon)
CDint05-Chalets6. DOVES – Some cities CD (A Heavenly Recording)
CDint06-Doves7. MERCURY REV – The secret migration CD (V2)
CDint07-MercuryR8. FANUELLE – Fanuelle CD (Rhonda)
CDint08-Fanuelle9. THE MAGIC NUMBERS – The magic numbers CD (A Heavenly Recording)
CDint09-MagicN10. TEENAGE FANCLUB – Man-made CD (Pema)
CDint10-TFC11. ARCADE FIRE – Funeral CD (Sinnamon / Rough Trade)
CDint11-ArcadeFire12. MAXÏMO PARK – A certain trigger CD (Warp)
CDint12-MaximoP13. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – Lcd soundsystem 2CD (Dfa / Capitol / Emi)
CDint13-Lcd14. LEMON JELLY – ‘64 – ‘95 CD (XL)
CDint14-LemonJ15. EDITORS – The back room CD (Kitchenware)
CDint15-Editors16. THE CORAL – Invisible invasion CD (Deltasonic)
CDint16-Coral17. BEARSUIT – Team Ping Pong CD (Fantastic Plastic)
CDint17-Bearsuit18. BAXTER DURY – Floorshow CD (Sinnamon / Rough Trade)
CDint18-BaxterDury19. FISCHERSPOONER – Odyssey CD (Capitol)
CDint19-Fischer20. ROGUE WAVE – Descended like vultures CD (Sub Pop)


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