En 1997, y estando de vacaciones en el sur de Francia, cinco chicos se animaron a montar una banda. Los intereses que tenían en común llevaron a Fabrice Detry, John Bretzel, Enzo, Fred Stiens y Yann Luycksfasseel a volver a su Bélgica natal con la clara idea de crear AUSTIN LACE.

Copia de AustinL1

Una vez allí, la banda se puso a trabajar sobre la marcha en una maqueta que contenía tres canciones. Tras la experiencia grabaron ‘Subtitles’, su primer ep, editado en 1999 por el sello 62 TV Records.

Copia de AustinL2Dentro de él estaba “Sky Patrol”, una canción que les llevó a estar en lo alto de las listas de lo más interesante de su país. Un año más tarde la banda grabó su primer disco, ‘Commodore Pace’, para el sello antes mencionado.

Copia de AustinL3Después de afianzarse sobre los escenarios con su pop melodioso, el grupo prepara nuevo repertorio. “Wax E.P.” editado el año pasado, supuso la vuelta a la actualidad del grupo que esta vez contaba en sus filas con Lionel Detry, en reemplazo de Luycksfasseel.

Copia de AustinL4Al poco tiempo la banda estrenaría su segundo álbum, ‘Easy To Cook’ asentándose con fortuna en su pop mayúsculo.
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In 1997, while on vacation in the south of France, five guys decided to form a band. The interests they had in common inspired Fabrice Detry, John Bretzel, Enzo, Fred Stiens and Yann Luycksfasseel to return to their native Belgium with the clear idea of creating AUSTIN LACE.

Once back home, the band immediately began working on a three-song demo. After that experience, they recorded ‘Subtitles’, their first EP, in 1999 for the 62 TV Records label

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. “Sky Patrol”, one of the songs featured on this EP, turned out to be a hit and brought the band to the top of the charts in their country. One year later, the band recorded their first full-length disc, ‘Commodore Pace’, on the previously-mentioned label.

After making a name for themselves on the tour circuit with their melodious pop, the group put together a new repertoire. ‘Wax E.P.’, which was released last year, represented AUSTIN LACE’s return to the scene, with Lionel Detry replacing Luycksfasseel. Soon they will be releasing their second full-length album, ‘Easy to Cook’, which promises to consolidate their pure pop sound with a capital P.

With subtle and careless songs and little guitar gimmicks AUSTIN LACE found the ideal recipe for making us forget about our everyday headaches. Listening to AUSTIN LACE is like watching your life through pink shades. This band takes you to Dreamland just like BECK did it some years ago with ‘Mellow gold’ (…) AUSTIN LACE is a band you are going to fall in love with, at first sight!

The recordings of this album took one year. A difficult birth indeed, many questions, departure of the original guitar player, till the very last minute, the members of AUSTIN LACE worked and re-worked their songs, some pieces were even recorded last minute. Since the release of the ‘Wax’ ep, AUSTIN LACE has already hit the road direction Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and France with or without their labelmates GIRLS IN HAWAII.

What’s on this album? 12 popsongs, happy or melancholic, fast or slow, electronic or guitar minded. Yes, a little bit of everything indeed but always with this so special touch.


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